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Didn't know the radio didn't do that

Knowledge is power.

I bought some walkie-talkies a couple years ago. I didn't know anything about walkie-talkies at the time, so I thought I was buying some super great ones. I usually read a lot about things before I buy them.

Here I am a couple years later learning about radio, HAM, amateur radio licensing, and all that stuff, and I was wondering why my I-thought-these-were-good-radios weren't broadcasting on certain frequencies.

Cue the culprit, BTECH GMRS-V1. Once you learn a certain amount about HAM, frequencies, amateur radio, etc., you pick up some of the terminology. Now that I know what I know, I would have noticed all the places that mention this radio is receive-only for all the non-GMRS bands, e.g. 2m (144 MHz) and 70cm (440 MHz) bands.

Moral of the story? You don't know what you don't know.

What does this all mean?

The BTECH/Baofeng GMRS-V1 radio does not allow transmit (TX) on anything other than the 22 built-in FRS and GMRS frequencies. If you try to transmit on any other frequencies the radio emits a tiny beep and that's it.

That's all. The GMRS-V1 is a great radio if all you want to do is talk on GMRS frequencies and listen to other frequencies. But if you are interested in transmitting as an amateur radio license holder, be prepared for a letdown. These radios don't work for that!